Friday, February 03, 2012

Basic Grey at CHA

Anyone who attends a major convention like CHA arrives home with dozens of papers, catalogs and fliers.  All of these have to be sorted and you hope you remember why it was that you picked up a brochure in the first place.  I also like to document my trip with photos and there is no doubt that the Basic Grey booth was a favorite.  I turned a corner and there it was.  This beautiful canvas.  And then I saw many many more.  Check out this eye candy!

 These canvases gave me so many ideas!
I had no idea that Basic Grey was selling these canvases which they call "samplers."  I am ordered a few for myself today!  I am totally inspired by the artists who made these for the booth.  Well done!


  1. These are wonderful!! So glad you got to go and have brought back a little taste of what the rest of will never see.

  2. I love the 3-d balloon, it's like "steampunk". Lovely. Hopefully Bizzy B will have it or I'll have to hunt down for it online. Thanks for sharing.