Monday, December 12, 2011

Nina Designs Meets Jewelry Resin

 I was very pleased to be contacted by Nina Designs last month.   They wondered if I would be interested in a selection of samples to use in a blog post.  I don't always say yes to these requests, but the Nina Designs website is one that features some absolutely beautiful jewelery components.  I was very curious to see what they might send me to experiment with.  I posted this today on Resin Crafts Blog and thought I would share it here too.
 My package contained some gorgeous bronze charms!  As soon as I saw these pieces I decided to do something elegant and simple...which is hard for me.  I didn't want the charms to get hidden in one of my over embellished samples.

The Nina Designs website is easy to navigate.  Many of the pieces I liked are available in different colours...although I love the bronze!
 I did want to put my stamp on the final design though.  I took one look at this butterfly wing and decided I would fill it with resin....turning it into a stained glass background for my sweet bird on a perch charm.
 To accomplish this task I glued tissue paper to the back of the pendant and when this dried I filled the tiny openings with resin.  I am currently experimenting with the new Jewelry Resin from ETI and I knew this technique would be of interest to my readers on Resin Crafts Blog.  I don't always get to show them a finished piece of jewelery.

 This is the back of my butterfly charm after I cut away the excess tissue paper and the resin had cured.
 I applied a thin layer of Resin Jewelry to the back of the charm too.  This makes this even stronger and the tissue paper will not rub away when worn.
 Then I assembled my necklace!
 The leather cord looks fantastic and professionally finished with these bronze tulip crimps.
 The bird on the perch charm looks great on top of the butterfly wing!

And finally, I added the one extra leaf charm I received in my sample set.

Here is what I used from Nina Designs:
Leather Cord (lots to choose from)
I really enjoyed this project.  Thank you to Nina Designs for sending me my free samples!


  1. Well done. It looks beautiful. Does the resin drip through the tissue and thus it becomes non-porous?

  2. This is gorgeous! Simple, yet elegant.

  3. The bird wing is created with all the details visible and clear,it looks very nice when you take inspiration.The piece has come out well together.

  4. Such an awesome idea! I would never have thought to fill it with resin, nor to use the tissue paper. Very clever indeed!
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Tissue paper backing is interesting. I had hand colored with red resin a keyhole from the Tom Holtz collection but had just used tape to temporarily seal the back.