Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting Back To Normal!

 The studio move is almost done.  I have almost figured out where everything will go.  It will take me longer to make anything for a while as I start to remember where everything is placed.  This weekend I finished a necklace that was started at the old house, packed up, moved here and I remembered where it was!
 These clay faces were made with Apoxie Clay.  I made a lot of samples with this product over the summer in preparation for an appearance on Jewel School.  Whenever I had any left over clay I popped it into my face mold.
 I noticed the faces were almost an inch wide.  Perfect for the bezels I love.  I used a little more clay to set them into the bezel.
 There was still some bezel showing.  I decided to add a little to the edging to make the faces wider.
 Then I covered everything with Gilders Paste. 
 A few bits of bling seemed to be needed.
My finished necklace makes me smile.