Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Post Today For The Crafters Companion Blog

 I have the loveliest assortment of cards on my table right now!
 It will take years to review all the projects and images in the Fairyopolis CD collection!  I am going to launching it on Canada's shopping channel later this month or you can buy it in the Crafters Companion web store now.
 These frame cards start out as artwork you print from the CD.  I printed my set on white card stock.
 The fairy in each frame is a 3D paper decoupage.  I cut out all the parts and used 3D glue or foam dots to layer the images into place.
 The frame itself was my favorite part of each project.  It is a marvel of math!  I cut out the main box image  and immediately noticed the white dash lines indicating where I needed to make score lines.
 The boxer score board was perfect for this task!  I was able to line up the dash marks with score line easily!
 The frame builds itself when everything is scored!
 This is the back.  I the attached the main image, the extra pieces to complete the inside frame and of course, my fairies.
 A little Spray and Sparkle glitter gave it some shine!
 Voila!  Stunning Fairyopolis Frame cards!
Can I give this one away?  No, best print another set of images to make a new frame.

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  1. Yes, they are stunning. Who'd ever guess they're made from paper (unless they picked one up).

    I've been admiring the Fairyopolis crafts I've seen but didn't know they come on CDs! How cool. That adds so much flexibility.

    Thank you, Carmi.