Monday, July 04, 2011

Peace Bird Brooch for Artbeads.Com

 I have had a vision for this brooch for a few weeks now.
My friend Ara gifted me with these fantastic white birds.  I wanted to wear them somehow and finally decided that I should use a decorative eye pin to attach them to other findings.
The "Antiqued Ancient Pin" and the "Porcelain Rectangle Spy Pendant" are both from I selected them as part of the spring/summer blogger program.  The pin and the pendant are both so pretty that I didn't want to cover them up.
It looks exactly like I pictured it in my mind here on my black linen jacket.
I am certain it will attract a lot of attention!
 If you do go to the site you might notice that this bead is available.  It is almost identical to the pendant I used.
My pendant looks like this from the side.  Either one could work.  With the sale on I plan to buy a few more!


  1. Thank you! I feel peaceful just wearing it!

  2. AnonymousJuly 11, 2011

    Love it. Where did your friend get the little birdies?

  3. My friend Ara is from Mexico. She always brings me back something special when she travels.