Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kanzashi Flower Maker - Another Amazing Clover Tool!

Do you love the look of fabric flowers?
Take a peak at the new amazing tools Clover is releasing so that we can make the most beautiful flowers.
I attended a Clover workshop today at the Craft and Hobby show.
It was so wonderful to learn a new technique.  The tools make this so easy.
 I sewed a lot of petals together and then opted to rearrange my brooch.
 I wanted to centre the felt heart so I made my brooch longer instead of one perfect circle. 
I really like my class sample.
 These were samples on the table I coveted.
When I get home I hope to make a few more flowers like this!


  1. Love those flowers, such a cool tool

  2. I just bought the clover pom pom tool. it's so fun. Clover tools are brilliant!