Sunday, July 31, 2011

Antique Market Regrets

Every Sunday my mind wanders to the Antique Markets in Paris.  There are so many things I regret not buying.  I love this lady.  I could have made her a new dress. 
 This tin box should be sitting in my studio.  Alas, I left it in France with the vendor too bored to give me a price for it.
 This puppy works for a vintage post card vendor.  I bought a dozen post cards.  I really should have spend more time photographing the dog.
 I can not believe I didn't even try to buy this mannequin head.  I was so mesmerized by the photo opportunity that I didn't ask.
These two were a little chipped.  But I could have repaired them and spent a lot of time photographing them in unique places.  Whaaa.
My advice to you.  If you see it and like it, buy it.  If not, you'll be like me sitting at your computer on a Sunday sighing over the items you let get away.