Friday, May 13, 2011

Copper Rose Necklace

 Over on Resin Crafts Blog I have a week of special posts about working with bezels.
 I posted this bezel on Monday and was really pleased with how it turned out.
So I gathered up my chains and findings to build a necklace for myself featuring my new favorite pendant.
I was inspired to add greens and pinks.  I broke up a few necklaces to recreate this one.
The vintage metal flower parts are from a very small stash that I have.
I'll wear this with a white t-shirt thus summer.


  1. This is beautiful Carmi! Love your choice of beads and chain. They really set-off the bezel beautifully! :)

  2. WOW... when I first saw the pendant on the other blog... I thought it was so beautiful... but you...really really made it BEAUTIFUL!
    Take care.... and thanks for the series on how to make the pendant! Great info!

  3. lovely. Were your ears burning on Saturday. On my adventure to St. Jacob's spotted some Napoleon stuff and had to tell my travelling companions all about you and him.

  4. Beautiful bezel!And a lovely necklace.I stared at the picture,ran to my bead closet,and found the same vintage flower parts!Mom gave me some of her mothers and her old jewelry,lots broken,but you used the pieces so pretty with the other beads and chain.It's a lovely necklace.

  5. Carmi,

    This necklace is gorgeous! I am inspired to try more multi strand necklaces.