Monday, May 02, 2011

The Art of The Detail - Madame Gres Exhibition In Paris

Every Metro we walked through in Paris last month featured this amazing poster.  It advertised an exhibit for a designer I did not know at a gallery I have never been to in Paris.  It made my "must do on this trip if there is time" list.  Isn't that the best way to have an amazing new life experience?
Madame Gres is one of those amazing couture fashion designers who's work is truly wearable art.
It can only be truly appreciated standing under its own spotlight.
The gallery features the sculptures of another famous french artist.
His work had to take a back seat to the clothing.
The gallery was full of visitors.
Taking these photos without people in the shots was a time consuming game.
The white gowns were breath taking.  You could hear the gasps as each visitor enter this room.
I was speechless myself.
The people watching at this exhibition was phenomenal too.  You would not believe the outfits on the visitors! 
If I could draw like this I would never ask for another thing as long as I lived.  Sigh.  Love these.
If you are in Paris.  Go see this.