Friday, May 27, 2011

The Acorn Ring

 Earlier this spring my hubby found this perfect set of acorns.  Receiving them was better than six dozen roses!!  I was so excited to do something special with them.
 In order to make them stronger I brushed Envirotex Lite resin over them twice. 
Then I pulled out a special product known as epoxy clay.  Epoxy clay, like Envirotex Lite resin is a one to one mix ratio.  Once you mix the two parts it becomes a very soft clay.  You have about three hours to work with it.  Then it air-dries rock solid!  I placed some clay in this cabochon ring.  My idea was to have the acorns sitting up in this black clay.
Then I had a happy accident.  While attempting to smooth out one section of the clay base, I reached for this tiny plastic spoon on my table.  I didn't check it and some of this green powder (Luminarte) was still clinging to the spoon base.  It made a green mark on the clay.
 I actually love the I applied green Luminarte powder to all the black clay.
Now my acorns look like they are sitting on a grassy knoll!  I can't wait to wear this ring!