Monday, April 11, 2011

Paris From The 5th to the 4rth District

 Another amazing blue sky day here in Paris.
 Notre Dame was sparkling.
 The trees around the Shakespeare and company bookstore were blooming.
 My favorite building in Paris.  Wisteria everywhere!
 Last year at this exact same time this is what the building looked like (sorry Nancy.)
 The floral arrangements were lovely.
 There are always new designs in the pastry world.
 And yes, there was a lot of joy today. 
 I spotted this purple store front from a great distance.
 Full of Frida style merchandise!
 My favorite tea house has all the new spring releases available to buy!  I love the canisters!
One last stop at my favorite bead shop before the long walk home.  Bags were heavy.  Wallets were light.