Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Brief Case Re Vamp!

I finally have a brief case I can use!
I don't need one everyday.  I only need one for trips when I have to carry my lap top on a plane.  I have tried many different ways to avoid using a computer bag.  I have to admit though, nothing beats the classic leather bag for both comfort and lap top protection.

Since I am flying on Friday, I knew that I would need to sort out my luggage for the trip this week.  Out came this bag and it occurred to me that I could just dress it up!

I pulled out all my iron on embroideries.  I made a pleasing collage and then glued everything into place.  I felt glue would be best since ironing on leather can be tricky.

 I also glued on a few rhinestones and then painted a few pink dots. 


This is a bag I can wear!


  1. And there definitely will be no mix ups. Have a wonderful trip.

  2. I had the same thought as Irene. No one will pick this up by mistake!

    And if someone does so intentionally, s/he will be easy to track down ;-)

  3. Carmi, you'll be the talk of Paris with this bag. Have a wonderful trip.