Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Day In Montmartre With Me

This was the list of things that had to be done today.

1. Take Metro to Montmartre…but get off at a different stop to explore a new section.
2. Take photos of the tulips I saw last year.
3. Take the cable tram up the steep hill to Sacre Coeur (avoid stairs at all costs).
4. Light candles in church. Think good thoughts.
5. Visit Montmartre artist area. Get new silhouette cut.
6. Eat crepes.
7. Take tram back down to fabric district. Shop for ribbon and fabrics. Try not to fill bags.
8. Coffee break in art gallery. (use their bathrooms)
9. Buy small piece of art in Carre D’Artistes, the best store ever to represent the work of up and coming artists.
10. Find the bakery that won the award for the best baguette in Paris: Le Grenier a Pain in Montmartre.
11. Buy baguette after stopping in dozens of boutiques along the way.
Tulips growing wild on the hill.
Sacre Coeur
Good thoughts.
New silhouette artist.  I'll post my new silhouette soon.  He was very kind and made me look young.
Prepare for a polka dot invasion.
Art gallery tables make the coffee look even better.
Fab stores.
Love these store fronts.
My baguette for dinner.
Montmartre 2011.