Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Big Love of Resin Announcement!!

I have had a secret for a whole month now!
I have wanted to drop little hints here and there but there did not seem to be an opportunity.
But here it is Thursday and my weekly jewelry themed post has this resin pendant I crafted.  I made several but today I decided that "a little bird in the air whispered the secret" was calling to me.
I need to tell you my secret!

So lean in close and I will whisper it to you!

I am going to be launching a brand new blog dedicated to all things resin!
I'll be working with the best products available: everything from Environmental Technologies Inc, the makers of Envirotex Lite! YIPPEE!!!

The blog is going to cover all types of resin crafts.  There will be so much information that I hope it will become a real resin resource centre.  My resin table is covered in projects!

So here is my finished necklace.  Perfect for a big day out tomorrow and this happy announcement!

The new blog will go live on Monday!  I can't wait to give you the link and welcome you to a brand new resin craft loving blog!  I'll have the opportunity to show you how I made this pendant on the new blog.  But for now, let me tell you this.  I made the mold that I poured three layers of resin into to create this pendant.


  1. Loving the layered look...hopefully you will be able to doing something resin with Bisous ; )

  2. Yay, Resin!
    I hope you will enable me to be brave and start resin-ating things. I have some, but I'm a bit hesitant for fear I will make a mess. Can't wait!

  3. Fantastic! This is something I have been wanting to begin playing with. I will be watching for the link. Looking forward to it. Connie

  4. Love the layers! I am so excited - I have bought Ice Resin and keep looking at it and telling myself to jump in and have yet to do it! You are such and inspiration I am sure I will do it now! Can't wait!

  5. That's so exciting -- and fantastic!

  6. I will follow the new resin blog! I have been wanting to try resin but I have so many questions, I know I can count on you to answer. Beautiful piece. I love the layered look and again, I can't wait for Monday! Connie :)

  7. That's great Carmi. I'll be following your new blog. Thanks for sharing. Missing you.

  8. Beautiful necklace.I love it.Lovely work of art.