Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yoko Ono Pendant Necklace For

We are going to have a glimpse of spring over the next couple of days. We are going from a deep freeze and piles of snow to some very warm temperatures. This new necklace is a salute to winter and spring!

Bronze Quote Pendant - Winter Passes
"Winter passes and one remembers perseverance." Sometimes the beauty of the winter season is overshadowed by its length. This pendant, with a quote by Yoko Ono, suggests that a determined spirit can overcome any obstacle.
Now I have to tell you, I love Yoko Ono. There are many beautiful bronze pendants in this category on the website. This one just called to me. The sentiment is so perfect for me right now. I received the pendant and the bronze beads in January and have been staring at them on my board for a few weeks now.

What I needed was colour. When I make something wearable I like to work with jewelery I have collected to re purpose into something more interesting. Old or new, jewelery components find me in my travels.

Yesterday my board came to life when I started adding a little colour to it. I did not want to cover up the bronze pieces...just enhance them as the focal point. I love the fire-polished bronze beads. No matter what I tried I could not break them up so I strung them together in one strand.

Ahhh. I am so happy now. This was an enjoyable project for me!

What I received from

Bronze Quote Pendant - Winter Passes (on sale!)
Fire-Polished Bead 8mm Bronze (25pc Pack)
I am thrilled to be a part of the blogging program. I am not paid for my designs or blog project. I do want my readers to know that I received the items I selected for this project (and listed here) free of charge. The remainder of the embellishments in my project are from my own collection.


  1. The color choices with pedent are perfection! Love this necklace!

  2. I loved the beads and the color choices, but the pendant was awesome addition that set it off!

  3. That is such a gorgeous necklace. i realize I saw it several days ago and then went right to Artbeads! I love the colors so much. You really put this together well!

  4. Amazing necklace which is so gorgeous with eye catching colors and wonderful combination of colors.I love it.Lovely bead work.

  5. I too love this necklace which is so simple and elegant to provide an awesome look and feel.The color of the beads and the pendant are just coinciding to provide additional beauty.