Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crafts Beautiful - Free Paper Card Challenge

This is a small set of cards I made using the free paper pack that was enclosed with my Crafts Beautiful magazine from the UK.

I have mentioned more than once how much I love and prefer the crafts magazines from Britain. They have the most stunning samples and how to's...and they always give you so many extra treats so you can start crafting projects right away. This is the set of papers I started with.

There was so much to work with. I could have made more than a dozen cards. My New Year's resolution is to do something with any free samples I get in these publications. It's my own card maker's challenge.

The papers are very pretty. It gave me the opportunity to start using up the individual embellishments that are gathering dust in my stash.

Glitter is always a great addition.

I cut interesting ovals for this card and did a little layering so I could use more of the paper patterns.

I really like the simplicity of these two cards. Even the sentiments are in this printed kit.

I used some glitter paper to jazz up these cards.

And flowers!

This is my favorite card. I have pulled out this paper doll from my stash a MILLION times and she never worked on anything I made until now.

There are many scallops in this paper set. I trimmed them and sewed them in place.
This was an excellent card making challenge for me! This paper kit was designed by Kirsty Wiseman a regular contributor to the Crafts Beautiful Magazine. You would not believe how much art they have available for you to download for free. It will keep you busy all year!