Thursday, January 20, 2011

Card Inspiration Is Everywhere!

I am sticking to one of my 2011 goals by showing you these two birthday cards.

I love magazines from the UK. They are usually full of extras and often they give you papers, embellishments and other components to make up many different cards. The Complete Cardmaking Magazine is a favorite because it highlights digital card making and each issue supplies you with hundred of digital files you can use. In 2011 I plan to actually do something with ever issue I buy.

From this last issue I pulled out some beautiful background papers. You can't believe the variety and options they provided in the free CD.

Because of the colour palette I decided it was high time for me to also do something with this set of vintage bridge tally cards I bought. I finally scanned them into my computer and cleaned up several of my favorites digitally.

Once I had all my layers sorted I began to think about the size of each finished card.

I took my layers to my trusty sewing machine. Gold thread was perfect to sew all the components together.

You would be amazed at how many layers my machine will sew through. This is such a pretty way to attach fabric and felt to paper.

The gold thread is like a little frame around each element.

The vintage bridge tally cards turned out really well! I printed them onto card stock after I changed the wording to "Happy Birthday." I then choose to attach them to the card body with double sided foam tape.

The cards were done...and then I found one more embellishment. My little resin filled square was the thing I attached to the blue card.


  1. What a great tutorial. Thank You.

  2. And there is my little card. I got to see it 'live' before this tutorial and it's so sweet. Thank you!

  3. They're beautiful, Carmi. Thank you for all the little tips. I love the idea of sewing the elements down with gold thread.

    Sure wish I could get that magazine in Mexico.