Friday, January 07, 2011

Artsy Book Marks!

I am ruining so many books. In a home filled with one million pieces of paper I can't believe I still turn down the edges of a page for a marker.

So last night I said "enough!" I have these fantastic digital images which are meant to be printed as paper bookmarks. I printed them on cotton fabric and started looking for some fibers to add to the project. I found lace, burlap and other trims to match.

When my layers were selected I went to my Janome which I loaded up with some gold thread.

At this point I thought I was done. But, I didn't want to call it a night. It occurred to me that some bookmarks have ribbons like a tag. I was about to punch a hole through all the layers when I remembered my ribbon edgers...yeah...out come the jewelery supplies!

I attached the ribbon edgers.

Then I had a few satisfying minutes going through my ribbon stash for these toppers.

Now I have bookmarks!