Friday, December 03, 2010

One Of A Kind Show Wrap Up - Cards I Did Not Sell

Ah yes.
That's me with my arm around no one.
Had I had my wits about me on the Friday of the show I might have noticed that the gentleman who bought one of my sock monkey hockey cards...was indeed a hockey playing legend.
Shame on me. My booth mate told me who it was 30 minutes later. Imagine this blog post if it was me and the famous hockey player holding my sock monkey card. How impressed would my father have been. Whaaaaaa.

Okay, I know a few of you enjoy the list I create of the card sales I did not make.

Here is my 2010 "Never made that card" list.

I did not sell any cards with musical instruments on them. Sorry guitar lessons lady, piano lady and "anything with a music theme" lady.

I did not make a card with the quote "it is never to late to be the person you can be" quote. I do believe that quote though.

Apparently I care little for sick people. Four lost sales do to lack of the words "get well soon". Personally, if I was sick, the cheery sock monkey would be a better choice.

I also have no sympathy. I make them, but they make me nervous and I hate to have them at the Christmas show.

Skaters. I did do six cards. Who knew 24+ people would want them? Darn. I completely forgot about the popularity of all these skating shows.

Tough luck to the looking for a 50th, 70th and 80th birthday cards...I only have about 300 birthday cards...but none of them have numbers. Good lord. How often do I have to say it? People turning 80 do not need the number in HUGE type...unless of course they have forgotten how old they are.

Merry Christmas Older Baby. Nope. I did a baby Christmas card, but they needed the baby to be older. Perhaps a Merry Christmas Toddler card for 2011.

I had no cards with frogs. Sorry. Dogs cats, birds, lions, giraffes and monkeys I have.

I did not make any cards that would help a young man get over a breakup. Again, the sock monkeys are very cute.

And my favorite.
I did not have a card for "Grandma's First Christmas with Baby."
No comment.

Food That Was Given To Me At The Show By Friends and Family

Chicken caesar wrap
pomegranate plum juice
chocolate croissant
chocolate covered fruit (ate the bag by myself)
Belgian chocolate bar
fresh juice smoothy
fresh fruit bowl
fresh fruit
grapefruit juice
meatball sandwich (mom)
fruit bowl

Not being used to so many snacks I gained 5 pounds.
Thank you friends for keeping me fed and watered.

These are the cards I taught in the One of A Kind Workshop this past Sunday. My class was just great. Full of warm and happy people. I just knew we would get them done! Here is a little snippet from a note I received from a class participant:
"I attended your workshop at the One of a Kind Show on Sunday and later we
chatted at your booth. Having never made a card before Sunday morning, I left
the show in the late afternoon and went directly to the Micheal's nearest my
house. I am now well kitted out for making my Christmas cards. I'm pretty
excited about it. I've already made 20 shakers. Thus, 20 of my friends will be
receiving my homemade cards this year."

Another convert. Welcome to my world.

In closing, special thanks to everyone at the One of A Kind for another spectacular show. In particular, thanks to lighting man who got the big truck down my aisle so he could rehang my ceiling spot light in the middle of the night.