Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cigarette Card Elephant - Yes The Pattern Works!

Oh my, he is as cute as I had thought he would be.

What does a crafter do when they find they have a whole Friday night to themselves?

I decided to see if I could sew up an elephant!

The pattern was on this 1 x 3 inch vintage cigarette card. I blew it up and printed it on a piece of paper. I cut all the pattern pieces out of some felt I had in my stash. I wish I had some gray felt...but who knew I would be sewing an elephant this weekend?

I have never sewn a stuffed toy like this. There are no instructions, so you really have to wing it.

When I got to this point it felt like I was about to stuff a turkey. I had sewed everything on my machine, but from this point on it would have to be all hand stitching.

The ears really made it look like an elephant. I added some eyes and defined the feet like they did in the picture. I can't tell you how many times I had to look at their illustration.

The highlight for me was creating this little cape/saddle. I also opted to make his tusks out of some gold leather.

My final great idea was to use this bit of beading for his tale. I love him! Even if he would end up on the island of misfit toys!