Thursday, November 04, 2010

Peter Rabbit Clay Tiles

Yesterday I received a gift of time.
I was so sure I had to be somewhere by 10am that I scrambled all morning. Then I found out I didn't have to arrive until 2pm! A gift of time means I can work on anything I like! So even though I am up to my eyeballs with deadlines I went to my "after Christmas zone" and pulled out something I really really wanted to play with!

Sara from Crafter's Companion gave me a set of their Beatrix Potter rubber stamps the last time she was in Toronto to present them on The Shopping Channel. Look how cute they are!

I have been wanting to test them in clay. I found this blue and it reminded me of Peter Rabbit's coat. Perfect.

Whenever I test something I always try and make two. So, while my goal was to make a Peter Rabbit tile, I could not resist trying the stamp of Peter's sisters while I was at it. The rubber is excellent! It made very deep impressions in the clay.

After I baked the clay I pulled out some brown paint to really highlight the stamping and to age the blue a little. I wanted the tile to look old.

I placed my "made to measure" tiles into the frames. I knew before I started that the finished tiles would need to go into these frames so the square shape was my only template. These frames make it possible to either wear the tiles as a pendant or in my case to use them as a special card embellishment.
So here they are. Two clay Peter Rabbit pendants!


  1. I Love them! I also love Peter Rabbit. I have an old Peter Rabbit book I read to my children many years ago. I treasure it.

  2. these are wonderful. i love how the acrylic paint gives it a glazed look.

  3. Wow these are Fab got all the stamps but no clay
    Anne xx

  4. Carmi! These are beautiful -- I need to play with my clay more :)

  5. This inspires me to break out the clay! Your charms are adorable!

  6. Very nice blog! Great set of glaze tests.Love seeing these. Always an inspiration.