Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Glam Name Tag - Part Two

Ta Da! The name tag which will greet customers and friends at the opening of the One of A Kind show today!

Yesterday I showed you how I gathered my supplies to make the main part of the name tag. Today I pulled out my jewelry supplies to see how I could turn it into something wearable...more necklace like. For this project I turned to my stash of old necklaces I use for re purposing projects.

I also made these two special buttons! If you want to learn how I came up with these images from a bad picture I took in Paris, go to my other blog for that story!

My finished name tag necklace is just what I wanted. Something new and unique to wear to a show full of new and unique things!

Glad I am not wearing this!


  1. You can't miss that name tag! Love the aqua colors. See soon.

  2. Just a stunning example of how creative you are. Good luck with the opening. Xena's going back today.

  3. THAT is cool. I hate wearing a traditional name tag at shows!