Thursday, November 18, 2010

Felt Balls Ring

On such a grey and rainy day this little ring is the most colour in the room.

Yesterday I had my special collection of felt balls out and I just love working with them. I get them from Odile who recycles wool sweaters for all her felt pieces. At some point during the day I opened a drawer and this unfinished ring came to my attention. It was a sign that I needed to do something with it.

I think the best part of designing something new is the time you spend playing with ideas. At first I thought I wanted to make a real Christmassy ring..reds and greens. But in the bag Odile had originally sent me was this little white rose. I have never figured out where to use until today.

I used a needle and beading thread to attach everything to the ring base. Everything looks like it is floating.

This is such an easy project if you have everything already in your stash. I think it took me ten minutes to sew it and much longer to photograph it.


  1. Those are totally adorable! Now...somewhere I have some felt balls!


  2. THAT is adorable and too darned cute~!

  3. This is a cute ring! Very nice. I am a crafter myself and I would love to feature your design at

    Hope this is okay with you?


  4. Oh my gosh, that ring is so GREAT, awww, what a cool idea!! Happy thanksgiving Carmi! :)