Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thinking Good Thoughts About The People Who Like Me

My garden demon and I have a lot on our minds. I am sure he is wondering if I am going to remember to bring him indoors for the winter. I think he has at least a month of garden duty before he gets to come inside. But that's him.
Me. I am thinking about my blog, Facebook and The Hive readers.
I get a lot of positive comments every week. Mostly from the same great people. How do I thank you? I wonder if you see the comments I make after you leave a comment for me? How do I best communicate I am grateful? So, you deserve this blog post.
I might not get to tell you that every time but do know this.
Every time I get a comment I smile.
And then I think about what I'll post next to make you visit me again.

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