Sunday, September 12, 2010

Things I Do Differently in Paris

It's a cool rainy Sunday morning. I am so happy to be home with a hot cup of coffee. Later I'll venture out to visit my parents but for the most part it has been a quiet weekend at home.
If I was in Paris, I would not have been indoors for one minute during daylight hours. Today I would be at one of the outdoor antique markets. Everyone always asks me about those markets. I write about them in my book so you don't end up going to the wrong place.
Today my camera would be fully charged and I'd have back up disks and batteries in my purse. Most likely I would have a few cotton bags with me...just in case I bought anything.
Have I ever come back empty handed? Everything interests me there.
These doll heads in luggage make me smile. I have a few readers who say these pictures creep them out. I have never bought a doll head but I take lots of pictures of them. They seem to have the inside track on what might be happening in the market. I suspect at night they locate something they can use for a body so they can take a stroll down a few alleys to visit friends.