Thursday, September 09, 2010

New Resin Pendants

Have you ever had an artistic "A HA" moment?
I get a little tingle and I know I am heading down a new road.

The big "a-ha" happened for me last week when Alma showed us her samples for paper pendants in our fabric bead class. You have to take this class if you get a chance. It is really brilliant. After seeing her pendants I went to the studio to make my own. Painted, collaged and layered pendants were simple for me to create given my stash. Plus, I had a lovely bezel just perfect for embedding a few things.

I have been struggling with my desire to make pendants, but I really don't have the time or space to work with metal. I can do it...but I never do.
I am a paper artist in a paper studio.....I need to make paper pendants! A HA!

These are just the first of many samples I'll be trying out. My photo shoot was interrupted by Magnus, so I knew it was time to come in and get busy. Loving life at the moment!