Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can't Stop Working With Beads and Felt!

Another necklace.
I need an event to wear this one to.

Last night I finally decided on what beads I would use to compliment the main pendant so that I could wear it as a necklace.

This project started with the first bead that I created a few weeks ago.
The little square pendant was also on the back burner.

Then I sewed up a large felt tube. Beads were everywhere. I added more beads and felt to the square pendant.

I had such a great time! These hand sewn bead projects are relaxing and at the same time very satisfying.


  1. THESE ARE FABULOUS!!! Amazing. Wish I had the patience and two kitties who didn't love sewing so much LOL. Nice work - as always =)

  2.!!! I too have been working with felt and using it as another medium in my mixed media designs. You can't beat the range of colours. It's the perfect medium for fall and winter... warm and soft :)

  3. I love seeing what you do. Great work! Always so original! jean yates