Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3D Card Embellishments

This may be the cutest blog entry I have ever written!

I have been watching a lot of British crafting programs and I am very intrigued by what they call decoupage and what we know as paper tole. Paper tole is one of the few paper crafts I haven't tried. My friend Audrey gave me this cute sheet of paper bears and truth be told, it sat in my sample drawer.

Looking for a break from my current projects I thought I might just assemble one little bear. After all, how long could it possibly take?

Several hours later I had these three new cards. I LOVE THEM!! I don't think I will ever use them. These will go into my collection.

Since I was making these great bears I needed fabulous background papers. Out came my new 3 Birds paper stacks!

The glitter paper is brand new. I am not sure when I will be launching them on The Shopping Channel but you won't believe how spectacular this card stock is.

With the 3d bears was inspired to make 3d background labels too! My Cricut cut these shapes so quickly! These cards are at least 1/2 inch thick!

Hold on to your hats friends.
I am going down the 3d road for sure.......


  1. I'm surprised it took you this long LOL! They are adorabel and I'm sure that you can imbue them with Carmi-style soon enough. Love it...

    Miss you!

  2. I recognise those bears! Isnt it strange how things have different names,in different countries,I was trying to help a lady,from South Africa, in Hobby craft,who are SUPPOSED to have experts, I dont think so!, she was looking for PVA,but its Acrylic paint she was after!
    Great Cards Carmi!!

  3. Definitely cute! I can see why it takes so long. You have to cut out several copies of each piece for the 3D effect.

    On the other hand, if you could use the Cricut to do all the cutting, these cards would be a snap!

    Love the glitter paper - what a great background and contrast.