Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sweater Jewelery

Recently I bought a shrug and while I like it a lot, but it doesn't always stay in place.
I remembered that in the 80's I used to wear something that made my shirts appear more fitted. Naturally, in my stash, I had blank versions of these attachments.

I pulled them out and decided it might be nice to glue buttons to the shirt attacher to make them more exciting. The most time consuming part of this project was selecting the buttons.....I have many many buttons.

I kept trying out different sets. One looked better than the next, so the only thing to do was make two! Notice I have a tool that cuts off the button shank. This tool is so helpful! I only use it to cut button shanks even though it would also cut wire.

After gluing the buttons. The project was over and I still had time. So out came the charms! I found these CC charms a while ago...perfect for me since they are my name. I suspect they are a Coco Chanel knock off though. So rummaging through my boxes I came up two charm additions.

And you know, I just had to add charms to the second one.
This was such a good project! And I managed to use four of the buttons in my stash of millions....


  1. FAB project and what a practical solution to your shrug problem.


  2. Oh, how we all love buttons. I hoard mine.
    What a great idea. They look so chic.

    That is a Coco Chanel logo.

  3. I remember those shirt attachers. I had a pair but they have gone astray. Great project! I will link in a future post so others can come visit! Pearl