Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Spending Too Much Time Staring Through The Camera Lens

Every now and then I have looked at someone snapping away with their camera and thought they are missing everything. Get out from behind the lens and be in the moment.
Then I see I do the same thing.
Clearly I was anxious to take this picture of this great box of paper ephemera I spotted at the big antique market. Well, had I stopped to actually rummage through the box I would have seen this great photo..........

Look at her. What an outfit! She would have made a great addition to my postcard and french picture collection. I saw her today when I was looking at this photo on my big screen IMAC. Why why why didn't I rummage through this box?
I had to spot her in my photo....three months later.
Bet she's still in that box.