Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Big Free Vintage Paris Giveaway!


Vintage French Papers and Beads Goodie Packs

I visit Paris every April and have had the opportunity to shop in the two biggest out door markets. To celebrate the launch of my book and this new blog I am starting my giveaway program.

I have ten sets similar to the picture you see posted here. Every set is different.

Each package has two French magazines dedicated to "woman's arts and crafts." They are full of patterns and ads.

I am also including two vintage velvet leaves, a small container of rhinestones and a sampling of beads from the oldest bead seller at the huge outdoor market known as the Les Puces de Saint-Ouen. You can read about these finds in my book: “Art Girl’s Guide to Paris.”

Who Can Win?

Anyone in Canada or the USA. Sorry, it would be too expensive for me to ship overseas.

How Can You win?

Just leave a comment here! I’ll be drawing names in a week!

Easy To Win!

This blog is so new, hardly anyone knows about it, so your chances of winning are excellent! Tell your friends!