Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Carmi Vrs The Crafters Companion Ultimate Card Making System

I fear I am turning into one of those people that begins every sentence with "you have no idea how hard we used to have work."

I had to make room for a new addition to my studio today. This is the Crafters Companion Ultimate. Two weeks ago it was the main product for sale at The Shopping Channel in the crafters hour where I was presenting 3 Birds papers. I watched the inventor Sara Davies demonstrate the tool more than 10 times. She made a series of pop out cards and I stood at the back of the studio muttering "OMG, you could make a star book in under an hour."

So I made this star book in one hour this morning. No rulers. No x-acto knife. No written guide. I even cut all my paper down from a larger sheet. I didn't even read the instructions or watch the included how to DVD. It was that simple.

This new tool has all the scoring lines measured, marked and ready for you to use. This one section took under a minute to complete. There are shapes ready to use too which I used to make the windows. Kids, you have no idea how hard it was to measure all this out with a pencil and took hours!

In no time I had several sets of pop out cards. I was reminded of the 4 hour class I took to learn how to make a star book. Because I learned the hard way, I think making this book with a new tool came especially easy.

Marissa, are you seeing this? Marissa has been teaching the star book workshop for years. She needs this tool!

I gathered all my cards to join them into the classic star book shape. Ribbon was added.

No matter where you look you see colour and openings.

Here's what it looks like from above. It took me longer to photograph it and write this blog than it did to make.

The paper I am using is special too. You are getting a sneak peak at it. It's the Larger than Life Paper Stack I'll be selling on the Shopping Channel soon. This huge 24 x 12 stack has very thick card stock. It was easy to score and clearly holds it's shape. Now I need to decorate this star book. That will take some time. I plan to dangle things in all the windows. I'll do another post about that soon.


  1. WOW - awesome job Carmi! I'm pleased to see you started with one of the easy projects! :) If you can nail the star book then I reckon you can take on anything on the DVD or in the book! I say roll on the exploding box next!

    Sara xxx

  2. bravo !
    but I'll be damned..I do not want or need another toy!
    but.....Let me say BRAVO again!!!!!!!

  3. I couldn't craft without my UP I LOVE it. but watch out it's addictive lol. Great blog. Hugs Ali x

  4. Great project. You have a good talent. I can see them in your work. I love how you make those cards. Such a great talent.

  5. Wow! All I can say is WOW!! I Just watched the video at the Shopping Network. I can see why you couldn't go home without buying one.

    Then I was so disappointed to discover it's the Canadian Shopping Channel. Now I have to wait and watch for it to be available in the US. :-(

    What an amazing and compact tool. Did you see the ribbon maker part?

  6. Eileen, you can definitely get it from the American Home Shopping Channel! Sara is presenting it again in October and you just have to watch her demo once to be hooked!