Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wall Decor Remake

This is a little wall dangle I made. Well, it can go on the wall or on a jacket. It was inspired by something I picked up at an antique market last year.

This is the original brocade ribbon dangle that I purchased at the antique market. It is about 2 feet long and the brooch, although it looks very heavy is actually plastic and thin brass. I imagine this was the type of wall decor that was hung on an archway/doorway or maybe next to some other art. It's pretty dusty. But I could see how fabulous it would have looked when it was brand new.

For the project I pulled out some of my own brocade ribbons and then decided on this beautiful paisley piece. I made the button of the lady with the mask and found this gold cabochon setter in my stash. I didn't want to use a tassel at the bottom of my piece so I looked through my drawers for something else. There are always left over single jewels or resin baubles I have made that are looking for a home.

Brocade is hard to work with because as soon as you cut it the edges start to fray. So I made my bottom point by gluing it in place with fabric glue. Then the back didn't look very pretty so I glued on some felt to completely back it.

This little project was very relaxing for me. It is on my wall next to other experiments. I may make a dozen more now as card embellishments. I think I have figured out a few more shortcuts. In the mean time I'll have my version to enjoy!