Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finishing The Lost and Found Bezel Necklace

Since I just launched my "Art Girl's Guide To Paris" book and blog this week, Paris has been top of mind for me. I thought it would be great to make something Paris themed to keep me close to my favorite subject. So I went to my jewelery table to see what was waiting for me.
A few weeks ago I had a post about the bezel I was looking for. It was an original by Susan Lenart Kazmer and was pretty happy to find it again.

It has been waiting for a final home. With two loops I had several ways to use this bezel.
I had decided in advance that I wanted to put a dangle below the image of the ladies having lunch.
The necklace below the bezel is a sample I made several years ago featuring pictures I took in Paris. I have been wanting to recycle the charms for a while so this was the perfect excuse to start breaking the necklace up.

The attached charm has a picture I took from the kitchen window of an apartment I had rented in Paris. I loved this view.

The final necklace is one that I will really enjoy wearing!