Sunday, July 18, 2010

Are The Flowers Prettier In Paris?

I am amazed that I have not fallen or been hit by a car in Paris.
Whenever I go walking I am struck by a photo opportunity every few feet. I am either looking up or sideways...I bet people have to walk around me all the time.
It is because of windows like this that I am the perpetual tourist in Paris.

I look up and wonder "who lives there?" I love this style of window gardening. In Canada it is so rarely done since we immediately hear that the water will rust the balcony and the flowers might do damage to the wood...and it goes on and on. But really. I don't think people want to create a flower show that they won't be able to see. This is a flower exhibit just for people walking by on the street. This is a gardener who probably does not have a back yard so naturally the only place to create one is here in the front windows. The window gardeners make Paris even more beautiful.