Saturday, June 05, 2010

Two Heads Are Better Than One

This is a picture of the unlikely Paris antique market find.
These two dolls were in a sale bin. And by sale...I mean YIPPEE they were practically giving them away!

I think they may have been used as an ornament since there was a string attached to their neck. When I looked closer at them I realized that the doll torsos were almost identical, but the dresses were a different colour. But hand painting made them just slightly different.

Did I need both? How could I leave one behind? The vendor sealed the deal when she told me I could have both for the one sale price. So they both travelled back to Canada with me and are now waiting to be reused in some way. The burlap dresses have been cut away leaving a wire corset which allows these half bodies to still appear as though they are standing. What to do next. Perhaps I will mold their heads.