Saturday, June 12, 2010


Saturdays from May till September are all about the outdoors. We have grass to cut and all the trim work that goes with having fencing. This year we have been spending 20-30 minutes raking up a constant pile of pine cones before the mower can start to cut. It seems like this is the year they all decided to drop. There are plants to move or water. The list of chores is long but we enjoy looking after our property. I know what needs to be done each Saturday. Rain though throws me off. It is meant to rain all weekend and I am not prepared to switch from my landscaper hat to my artist hat and work on something else. Funny, I never thought I was a person who couldn't switch gears at the drop of a hat. I wandered into the studio and I am unsure what to work on instead. Maybe I could put everything away that I used this week. Maybe I should finish this book. Maybe, Maybe, Maybe.
Maybe I'll just surf the web with a second cuppa. That sounds good.

Here is my first list of links to my Crafty Blogging Friends! Perhaps I will get a little outside inspiration this morning.

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