Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My India Necklace Redone

I did it! I made a 30+ year old necklace from the bottom of my jewelery box something I would now wear!

This is what it looked like. I was trying to think if I ever wore it. It was a gift either my Mom or both of us received from a lovely man from India who worked for my parents when we were all kids. He presented it to us after a trip home to visit his sisters. I have such fond memories of the man who gave us the necklace that I would have never given it away. Part of the problem was simple. It needed to be restrung. Did you know that most necklaces, especially pearls need restringing every ten years or so? I am pulling those out next!

Rummaging through my pendants I came across two completely different pieces. The monkey was very Indian...but it seemed too small on it's own. Out came the Asian carved bone. Together I liked them much better, even though I mixed cultures.

I was thinking about how many people have sentimental pieces in their jewelery boxes like this one. Perhaps you don't make jewelery? You probably have a friend who does. I would get some beads and stones and other items from a jewelery shop anyway. Build the necklace you would want and then have a friend string it for you. This is recycling at its finest!

Can I just thank the rain gods for a moment?
I woke up to a lovely wet back yard. It's like getting the morning off...no watering needed after a month of heat and dryness! We need some more though. Come back dark clouds!