Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Faithful Necklace

There are certain words that I am drawn too. Positive words such as FAITH. It's why I keep buying old dictionaries. I also have a bunch of old books with quotes that I use for background layers in some of my collages. As I glue down pages some words pop right out. Faithful is a word I have never used. It doesn't sound right somehow.
I think I am very faithful. See, that sounds odd.
I have faith. Much better.

Anyway, in my studio I have a table dedicated to resin pouring. There are always a few "works in progress" set to the side. It gives me something to do if I am waiting for glue to dry. I have a number of unusual bezels that are not for my regular production work always ready for me to do something with, time permitting. This is a bezel I made using the techniques Jane Wynn taught us in her workshop. I discovered I like to heat and melt metal together...but I sure hate filing it to make it look pretty.
It's been in my studio for months and every now and again I would add something to it. I have no idea why attached the metal flower to it like that...I guess I wanted to give myself a challenge.

I finally filed the edges, poured resin in the reservoir, punched a hole through the copper and then attached it to this necklace I whipped up last night. The beads on the metal flower stem keep this piece hanging straight.
I always give a little sigh of relief when I finish something that's been hanging around for a long time. Now I can enjoy my morning coffee.

FYI: Jane's Blog address changed a few months ago if you are wondering why she has not posted. This is the new link!

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