Monday, January 11, 2010

Morning At The Market

The antique market north of the city is open Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I have never been on a Monday and was curious to see what would be open. I was hoping it wouldn't be as busy as it usually is on the weekend. I was very surprised to see that all my favorite stalls were open! Unfortunately, the weather has not changed and I can honestly say it was too cold to stand around browsing very long. I guess I thought some of the enclosed buildings would be warmer....but they felt even colder. So It was a quicker visit that unusual. I did find a few vintage postcards though!

I really would like one of these. But then I would end up having a collection, so I took a photo instead.

The market looked very festive with their Christmas wreaths still up. I always love how new things look next to old.

Gnomes. International gardening favorites.

If I lived in Paris I would want one of these vintage glass water bottles. They make my big plastic water jugs seem so homely by comparison.
More photos soon!