Thursday, January 07, 2010

Demon Monkey Polymer Clay Bracelet

Well, that's not a title you will see too often on this blog!
What can I say. I am crazy for these Demon Monkeys.
So crazy, I made several pieces of jewelery with their image.
Paul and I were in Burlington, Vermont in the fall. We spied these creatures on the top of a roof. My little digital couldn't get close, but Paul had his zoom lens and managed to take these snaps for me. It was such a grey and gloomy day. I immediately visualized these as black and white silhouettes. Demonic black and white, but cool just the same.
I found out more about them when I got home. Paul has a link to the images and info on his site this week.

Since polymer clay and I are becoming fast friends, I decided to try some transfer techniques featuring the demon monkey images. I had an idea for a certain necklace....but it all came together colour wise when I added the copper.

It's not for everyone I know...but it definitely is for me!

This is the second set I made with clay.


  1. now you can say,'Don't make me get my flying monkeys'! They're great.

  2. Hey Boot~C- That's MY line. Carmi I absolutely love these!!! It "me" too.

  3. Totally freaks me out!! When I was little I couldn't watch the Wizard of Oz because of those freaking flying monkeys!
    Now I think your jewelry is crazy cool......

  4. These are extraordinary!


  5. What great shots he managed to get for you! Marvelous and unique :-)