Saturday, May 16, 2015

Handcrafted Lace from Brugge

I have admired fine detailed lace work for many years.  These beautiful pieces of jewelry were on display in a store in Brugge, Belgium, a place where lacework is still appreciated and crafted.

The owner of the store and the artisan gave me a demonstration of her lacemaking.

She moved her spools so quickly I could not capture it clearly in a photo.  I really should have video taped it so you could see and hear the speed and clicking sounds.

I found the prices to be extremely reasonable given the work involved.

I did collect quite a few pieces for myself.

Here is just one piece of lace in progress.

The framed example is how I feel about this lacework.  I consider them to be tiny works of art.

For this reason, whenever I find hand made lace or tatting unloved or damaged in antique stores I feel compelled to protect and recycle them in some way.

This year I am part of Stitched.
If you would like to learn how I permanently encase fibers in resin you will love the class I created for Alma Stoller's program this year.

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