Thursday, January 29, 2015

Teaching The Younger Generation To Sew

Allow me to proudly share a quilted bag I taught a young woman to sew.
She had never used a sewing machine...and let me tell you, I had to add in a quick lesson on how to sew a button on this day too.

Back in the fall I told you about this collection of fabric designed by Kelly Panacci which she was just releasing with Riley Blake Designs.  It was the perfect selection for a beginner project.  It is full of colour and whimsy and I thought my student might enjoy working with all the patterns.

I believe the younger generation will gravitate towards all the tools that help sewers create projects quickly.    They like things to be made fast!
Happily I have most of these new tools too. 
It was all I could do to bite my tongue so I would not constantly say

"you know, we used to have to measure 
and cut all these squares by hand."

In case you did not know, there is a die cutting system that cuts all your quilting squares for you in moments.  I have two Go Baby machines.  I added a link because this may be the best quilting invention ever.
(You'll want to spend hours just cutting out quilting squares, triangles, shapes ect.)

My student took to the sewing machine like a duck to water.
It helps that the sewing machines of today are so easy to setup and use.

"Pinning properly is the key to your success" I said.
No reason she should pick up my bad no pinning habit.  She didn't have to rip out stitches once.

Her little quilted bag was a success.  An elastic made it usable and I have a feeling we have a new sewer in the world.

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