Monday, November 04, 2013


This fall I had the chance to take a Soutache class.  I do love to learn something new.
I have been admiring soutache projects for over a year and filling my pinterest board with favorite images.
Soutache is not easy.  
These two sample earring took the whole day....and it is highly unlikely I will ever make the matching pieces.  The time needed I just don't have.

"A soutache is narrow flat decorative braid, a type of galloon, used in the trimming of drapery or clothing. In clothing soutache is used to conceal a seam."
I did have fun making this free-form piece with soutache string last night though.  
I think I am better adding this material to my work when no pattern is needed.

My Soutache Pinterest Board is where I will post projects that I love.  
The artist/designers below are creating the most amazing jewelry.

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