Thursday, June 06, 2013

Teddy Bears With eBosser

I just whipped up these teddy bears last night!

Yesterday I told you I was going to be working with Craftwell and their eBosser.

What is the eBosser?  It is a fully automatic and large format embossing & die cutting system!  The eBosser is universally compatible with most cutting dies & embossing folders! Use your favorite folders & dies or our large format embossing folders to create projects fast & easy!
 One of the features I really wanted to test with my eBosser was the cutting fabric option. 
 The machine will cut six layers of fabric in one pass!  I used an Accuquilt die featuring a teddy bear and duck.
 Each bear was cuter than the next!  Look at how my Eiffel Tower bear is perfectly centered!  That was a happy accident!
 Of course I tried out some leather.
 One of my bears now is half leather.  I think I might just turn them into ornaments!
 Oh, I sewed up a duckie too!


Anonymous said...


Love what you have done! I have those dies too and an ebosser and I do voluntary sewing at the School where I work - and I thought how wonderful to share this idea with 13-18 year olds learning to sew so my question to you is did you turn any seams or just stitch them together? Love Lou

Carmi said...

I did stitch them without a seam. Felt as the back side was super easy to sew through and the fabric did not unravel, so I was quite pleased! You could iron on some fusible webbing to the fabric before you cut it, if the fabric edge is too loose and unravels.

Louise Fry said...

Thank you for your comments much love Lou x