Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Freebie Challenge

I do love a challenge.
Usually, I give them to myself.
Since moving and coming to the conclusion that I have more stuff than I could use in one lifetime.....I have tried not to bring anything into the studio that I don't need right away.
A difficult task.
One for which I would receive a satisfactory to failing report card.
It isn't always my fault though.  
People keep sending me things.
Last month I ordered something I really needed from B'sue Boutique.
Would you believe she inserted all of the items shown below in a free goody bag?
I ate all the candy (not shown)....at least those were gone right away!
The rest I turned into the brooch.  I still have one or two more components though.
Thank you Brenda!

1 comment :

Beetique said...

I love buying from B'Sue. Yes I eat the candy first and then I look at the freebies. They're so much fun!