Friday, March 25, 2011

Monet's Yellow Dining Room

 If you go to Paris and want a have a nice day trip outside of the city I always recommend going to see the small village where Monet's house and garden are open to the public.  I never tire of the flowers and always take a walk through his home.  This room is a favorite.  There are usually so many people about that it is hard to get the room to yourself to take a photo.  On this day I got lucky and managed to snap one picture.

When security wasn't looking, I also snapped a picture of my traveling doll Marie on the side board.


The Clever Pup said...

How did you manage to take an interior shot? They were very vigilant with me. Did you go with Paris Vision?

Carmi said...

I am quite the sneaky photographer....getting better and better all the time! I have used Paris Vision but now I just go on the train myself for most destinations. The train to Giverny is very straight forward then they have a bus to Monet's village. All part of the adventure!