Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Missing One of A Kind

I won't be an artisan at this year's spring One of The Kind show.  :(
Today, I would have had my van packed to the roof ready to join a long line of trucks and vehicles moving their final goods into the show buildings.  Opening Day is always so exciting!
I knew that this spring I would be exceptionally busy.
We are moving in a few months.
Looking for a new home and selling the one we are in is our major spring project.  There will be a studio to pack up and and a new one to set up.  The to-do lists are a mile long.
But, I'll be at the Christmas show!  As soon as my new studio is set up I'll be in full time Christmas card making mode!


Jo-Ann said...

You will be missed. Look forward to seeing you @ Christmas show! Good luck with the move!

donnajean said...

Good luck wit your move...I can just imagine trying to move your studio alone!

Suze said...

Whadd'ya mean you're moving!!!!!! Why??? Where??? Will it B as wonderful & big as the other one??