Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Amazing Clover Tool

I have two new corsages.

You would not believe how easy it is to make these flower brooches. I wish I had had this tool years ago!

What tool you ask? A brilliant cardboard template from Clover. Or as I like to say, $5 of happy.

I knew that Clover was launching these new templates at the Craft and Hobby show. The demo table was so busy that I couldn't quite see.

On the last day of the show I went back and met Raquel Serrano from Clover who gave me a "one on one" demonstration. My mouth dropped open. Could it really be this simple?

The template helps you to fold and then trim the flower shapes. You attach each section with the same running stitch and tie off the whole pile with a knot.

I wanted to try this gold polka dot fabric. It unravels really easily, but in the end I liked how it looked as a flower.
It couldn't be easier or more relaxing to make these flowers! I'll be trying the template with all sorts of different fabrics now!


Kathyk said...

$5? Perfection - your results are so lovely too


Irene said...

And will we be able to find this tool in your etsy shop?

Carmi said...

I imagine that Michaels will have them in stock soon enough. The Clover web site sells them too!

Pretty Things said...

It's like when I found a pom-pom thingee -- (don't you love that technical term?) -- made making those crazy things SO much easier! And there was a lot of "why didn't *I* think of that?" going on in my head.

ludgera said...

I am fainting. This is good! Perfect summer decoration for my trees. For sure you will see a post working on hundreds of pom-poms. Maybe I will recruit some friends to make pom-pom garlands.

Carmi said...

They even have a bigger template! When I made these I remembered all the Kleenex flowers I made for a cousin's wedding when I was 15!

Maria said...

OMG - I just saw this post! I need one of those...think of how I can adorn my little ones :) Ohhhhhh the possibilities are endless!!!

Jean Bowler said...

How neat! Thanks for letting us know about this really affordable craft tool.

Your 1st time results are a great ad for Clover!