Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year Rain

Happy New Year!
I don't remember a January 1st where I had to think about where I left my umbrella. The rain is pounding hard on the roof.
The snow is almost gone. The temperature is balmy.
We feel like we went to bed and woke up in a different time zone.
The weather always seems like the big story of the day. Here's hoping that the rest of our 2011 winter is mild.


BeaderBubbe said...

OK Carmi, send a little rain down to NY so we can get rid of our snow....its in the 40s....need some nicer weather...have a happy 2011

Karen said...

Happy New year to you, Paul and Magnus!

me again said...

Happy 2011!!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Happy New Year to everyone chez vous. I love the silhouettes! Perfect for this rainy day in January:) Let's hope there is some magic in this start to 2011

MarissaDW said...

Happy New Year to you, Paul and Magnus!